Art Clip of The Week: Edward Hopper Tells You How To Paint Like Edward Hopper

Fin Murphy

To mark last year’s exhibition of Edward Hopper’s works-in-progress, Hopper Drawing: A Painter’s Process, Minneapolis’ Walker Art Centre made this short video where the artist details his creative process. Interspersed with rough sketches of pieces such as Office at Night and Route 6 Eastham, Hopper talks with Brian O’Doherty as an old man, explaining how his meticulous methods have stayed with him over the years.

Hopper, widely regarded as capturing downbeat, relatable moments, is quizzed by O’Doherty about ‘psychological elements… loneliness, isolation, modern man and his man-made environment. How do you feel about that? Do you think it’s true?’ Hopper responds equivocally, dismissing the words of ‘critics’ and putting importance on the eye of the beholder. All in all, an intriguing glimpse into Hopper’s mind.


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