Espacio - El Salvador 4607
Start date
Tuesday 9 June 2015
End date
Thursday 30 March 2017

BETTER TOMORROW is a tribute show to Luis Alberto Spinetta (1950-2012), brilliant artist, Argentine poet and one of the most prolific and lucid twentieth century composers. April 9 to May 30 in the gallery of Espacio37 , a series of portraits of Spinetta made ​​by photographer Gustavo Saiegh to the book Chronicle and Highlights (Planeta, 2014), to be displayed Eduardo Berti .


The intention of the exhibition, curated by musician and journalist Argentine Patricio Lange , director of Gallery- Space, is to expose these images in large format works themselves to the expectation.

And, in turn, use them as a vehicle to bring the viewer into this book so valuable testimony of the thoughts and unique worldview of Spinetta as an artist and human being.

I think these portraits, besides being aesthetically beautiful, very well reflect different aspects of the personality of Spinetta. His humor, the playful question in mind that allowed him to mix in this eclectic and timeless aesthetic that dominated universe, a fan with drawings of another century and a Casio watch type; mechanic overalls and some goggles. And that ultra sensitive reflective, as higher observer, who always had Spinetta look, "says Patrick Lange, curator and exhibition organizer.

They also exhibit some unpublished photos , extracted phrases from the book, technical and anecdotal texts on each of the images will be projected character and copies of the book to consult.

For me it is a great recognition that my picture is on the cover of a book as definitive as that Berti on Spinetta wrote "says photographer Gustavo Saiegh. And remember when you took the picture, "I did it at twenty-four, when I first started my career. Luis was already then my musical hero. Later we did a session of many hours in my studio where we ended other photos in the book. E l "Flaco" was given a lot, loved to play, sporting, payaseaba. "

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