‘Symirroretry’ Explores the Relationship Between Art & Skateboarding

Symirroretry is like no other skateboarding documentary around. It explores the relationship between art and skateboarding through, in the filmmaker’s words, expressing ideas of individuality, limitation, and knowledge bestowed from a constantly adapting culture.

Pontus Alv and Arto Saari feature among other skaters in the trippy film, which also includes street shredding by masked men in black, rolled-up trousers who look like Dylan Rieder protégés. Directed by Andrew Lovgren, the film is crammed with visually arresting camerawork, and features original music by WANDA GROUP. Feast your eyes on the full 40-minute film:

If you're still scratching your head, here’s a statement from the filmmakers to clear things up:

Five entities established in skateboarding share concepts of individuality, limitation, and knowledge absorbed from a constant evolving culture. A culture eternally cycling, dying, and rebirthing. Forced down dead end pathways by powerful business entities. Manipulated of progression through decensitized internet labyrinths. Two symmetrical beings, parallel in thought, know only that of which is seen. Controlled by a vivid entity, yet handicapped by a lack of capacity of free thought and expression. No ambition? No spirit and fulfillment? Paintings of inner reflection. Still, immovable, and wondering; “What is my love and passion?” A documentary expressing the ‘artist’ journey of becoming. A parallel narrative supporting sentiment of fighting against conformity. A contribution of thought, immersing into 'darkness' and surfacing as a farther enlightened indivudal. Symmetrical mirrors, formed as one entity, Symirroretry.

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