Before Sunrise / Before Sunset / Before Midnight

We’ve seen the sun rise, we’ve seen the sun set, and now… we can see… midnight. Or maybe just a few moments before. 

OK, so it’s not as catchy as the first two but Before Midnight, the third and possibly last film following the story of Jesse and Celine (Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy), was completed this summer, 9 years after Before Sunset, which itself was made 9 years after Before Sunrise. Coincidence? Well, yeah, it's probably just a bit of good ol' serendipity.

Director Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused), along with co-writers Delpy and Hawke, have teamed up again to show us, hopefully, what happened after that unforgettable scene at the end of Before Sunset. You know, where Jesse needs to catch his flight and we never know whether he stayed with Celine or caught the plane. We’re gonna go ahead and presume the latter.

Speaking to Collider recently, Hawke said: “I feel like in a strange way we may have come to the end of the story” – suggesting that Before Midnight may provide some sort of conclusion to the story. But speculations about the pair settling down, having kids and all the rest of it aside, we’re kinda hoping that there’s still some ambiguity there. After all, the ellipsis at the end of the first, and especially last, film is exactly what made them so unforgettable, right? 

So now it’s officially a trilogy, perhaps we can call it Linklater’s “Before” trilogy?

Just a suggestion.


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