Ben Wheatley to Produce Body-Swapping Horror 'Whitaker'

Ben Wheatley shows no signs of letting go of his love of the macabre. It's just been announced he'll act as Executive Producer on Jim Hosking's debut feature, Whitaker. Hoskings is clearly a man of Wheatley's taste, with his utterly bizarre short Renegades being hailed by Twitch Film as having "all the makings of an instant cult hit".

Whitaker's plot is also pure Wheatley, with a scientist discovering he can swap bodies with his unlucky experiments. The obvious use for this? Using a younger man's body to flirt with the hot nurse, of course! However, little does Whitaker know that everytime he inhabits the other body, he leaves behind a small part of his psyche. It's when the body starts developing a mind of its own that Whitaker finds himself in deep, deep trouble...

Also currently on the director's plate is his follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Sightseers, the English Civil War movie A Field in Englanddescribed to us in a recent interview as 'a period film meets a Roger Corman film from the 1960s'. You can read the rest of our interview with Wheatley here, or check out Whitaker's trippy poster below.

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