Can Johnny Jewel's Song from Gosling's 'Lost River' Save the Panned Movie?

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Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River drew some unfavourable criticism after Cannes (let’s relive Robbie Collin’s zinger: “Gosling confuses ‘making film’ with ‘assembling David Lynch & Mario Bava gifs’”) but the film might have a saving grace in its soundtrack. It’s scored by the Chromatics mastermind Johnny Jewel, who just released one of the tracks on his Soundcloud. 

‘Yes (Love Theme from Lost River)’ takes Jewel’s well-documented love of Italo-Disco and submerges it in a Twin Peaks-esque fog. Jewel was originally meant to provide the now-iconic soundtrack for Drive, but things didn’t work out. Sounds like Gosling and Jewel had a blast collaborating on Lost River though: “When Ryan e-mailed me the script my immediate feeling was that the whole film should be sonically immersed in metal and water,” said Jewel. Added Gosling, in a comment worthy of your GCSE English exam, “The romantic haze of his score complements the atmosphere of the town Lost River”.

Chromatics’ highly-anticipated Dear Tommy is out later this year, and Lost River is released in the UK on 24 April.  

via Pitchfork

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