Canada's New Cinema: Episode 1: Yung Chang

Gfw Staff

In the first episode of our new series entitled Canada's New Cinema, we speak to Yung Chang, a young documentary filmmaker who's been working on a film about the inspirational subject that is.... fruit.

Canada's New Cinema is a five-part look at some of the most exciting, diverse, and creative young filmmakers in Canada. We followed around Yung Chang, Director X, Emily Kai Bock, Hubert Davis, and Grolsch Discovery Series nominee Gia Milani, to learn about their perspectives on filmmaking and their body of work as a whole.

In the first episode of Canada's New Cinema, we went out to the fruit markets in Montreal's Chinatown to hang out with Yung Chang. As the director of a new documentary called The Fruit Hunters--which looks at the very real world of men and women who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of rare exotic fruit--hanging out with him in the city's #1 spot for exotic durians, dukus, and mangosteens was a lot of fun. We also took Adam Gollner with us, former VICE editor and author of the book 'The Fruit Hunters', which Yung's film is based on. Enjoy!


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