David Cronenberg's Shivers Is Set For A Remake

Of all the pointless remakes recently (the imminent Scarface one springs to mind) this is easily the one that's made us shudder – or is that shiver – the most. But then, I guess we should've seen it coming.

It was announced at TIFF this morning that legendary Canadian director David Cronenberg's Shivers (1975) is to be remade. Variety reports that the film will be directed by Danish actress-filmmaker Rie Rasmussen (Human Zoo, Femme Fatale) from a screenplay by Ian Driscoll (Smash Cut). 

Here's what producer Jeff Sackman had to say in his defence: "This is an opportunity to bring Shivers to audiences in our current era and reminds me of cutting-edge films I’ve had the opportunity to work on previously, including American Psycho". Yeah, but why can't "audiences in our current era" simply watch the old Shivers, huh? I wasn't alive when the original came out and yet I still loved and appreciated it when I watched it two decades later. Weak argument, Sackman, weak. 

Producer Michael Baker, along with Sackman, plans to start shooting the remake in February. Everyone's thrilled about it, right?

In other Toronto/Cronenberg-related news, this is happening soon so watch out. 


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