David Lynch Is Thinking About Returning To TV

We've all been waiting with bated breath to hear when David Lynch will next be wrapping his masterful hands around a camera. But did we ever think he'd be more interested in returning to the small screen? HELL NO. So this news, from welcometotwinpeaks.com, is more than welcome, considering that when he last tried his hand at TV the result was Twin Peaks (1990-1991); which is, arguably, better than a handful of his feature-length films (yeah, we said it). 

In the Metro France just the other day, the director answered a question about a possible return to his cult TV series, saying: "I’m thinking about it. I’m thinking about it. Television allows you to tell a story over time, something cinema doesn’t. For me, the two formats will always exist, it’s like painting in a square or rectangular." 

So while a feature looks unlikely, a third season of Twin Peaks is not off the table. Meaning it's probably a good time to grab that boxset and start the show from square one. Here you go (our pleasure)... 

Lynch directing Heather Graham on the set of 'Twin Peaks'. 

Via welcomtotwinpeaks.com

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