Dominic Allan Unveils ʻCalvetʼ

Biopics are a peculiar genre, especially for those who feel sceptical about the topic because itʼs always very personal. At the same time some films devoted to great artists or stage performers go far beyond the gee-whizz narrative of someone’s creative accomplishments, focusing instead on striking drama and characters of people who have passed successfully the test of fame.

Calvet directed by English director Dominic Allan falls precisely in that niche. The film uncovers the troubled life path of a French artist Jean Marc Calvet who has come a long way from a bodyguard and drug-abuser to becoming a prolific painter at the age of 38. The history of ups and downs mixed beautifully with the striking imagery of the artist does really produce a very strong insight into the ʻhidden sideʼ of art. If you want to see and know more, check out the the filmʼs web page.

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