Enter the Bizarre World of ‘Titanic’ Movie Obsessives

Oliver Lunn

I have a VHS and DVD copy of Barry Levinson's 1982 classic Diner. I have the soundtrack. I have the poster. I endlessly quote the film to friends. I’m obsessed with that film. At least, I thought I was obsessed with that film. By some movie obsessives’ standards, I’ve barely scraped the surface of film fandom. I’m a charlatan. For starters I don’t have a copy of the film in at least five different languages.

Some films fuel fandom more than others. And – let's face it – what really helps drive this fandom are the movie-themed items you can purchase for top dollar on eBay: hats, T-shirts, posters, key chains, socks. You know, like the ones all the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings geeks buy. This mound of promotional goodies inevitably becomes a future treasure trove of collectable items for die-hard fans. These obsessives will do anything they can to get their mitts on that coveted item to complete their collection. 

Speaking of which, if you’re as intrigued as I am about these movie obsessives and their collections, these Titanic fans will no doubt feed your curiosity. It’s time to enter their strange wolrd.

This guy has a whole cabinet of Titanic collectables 

David Akhoa’s impressive haul includes multiple DVD releases of Titanic and its soundtrack, as well as books and posters. The most impressive thing? Many of these items are still sealed in their original cellophane packaging. Which means he probably spends more time sitting back and appreciating the beauty of his labour-of-love collection than watching the actual film itself. Whatever you think of this guy, you know he’s a real fan when the "James Cameron online" website asks him to get in touch.

This guy has a whole room dedicated to his Titanic obsession

A hallmark of a true collector is having the same film on multiple formats. This guy not only has the film on DVD, VHS and Blu-ray, he has the soundtrack on CD, Cassette and vinyl too. So far so strange. But what really sets him apart from other collectors is his framed movie posters, some of which are in Russian. He also has his original cinema tickets – framed – from when he popped his Titanic cherry.

He also has Titanic on VHS in over five different languages

Although I’m pretty sure he hasn't watched them all.

This guy has heaps of memorabilia too

Venturing beyond the film and into the world of historical books and memorabilia, this guy has a wholesome selection of dolls, board games, costumes, books and film props. Be honest, it puts your solitary Leonardo DiCaprio poster to shame, doesn’t it? 


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