Firts Look: Joaquin Phoenix & Marion Cotillard in James Gray's The Immigrant

Are we alone in thinking Joaquin Phoenix is the greatest actor on earth? Well, at least top 5 material. Just yesterday we spoke of how intrigued we are about his appearance in Spike Jonze's Her, hot off the heels of his blistering performance in The Master – and now here we are with a brand new clip, via Indiewire, from the upcoming historical drama The Immigrant, in which it seems our man has done it again. 

Directed by Cannes favourite James Gray (Two Lovers), The Immigrant stars Phoenix, alongside Marion Cotillard, as a charming but wicked man who takes in an impressionable woman (Cotillard) and forces her into prostitution. 

His first film since 2008's critically acclaimed Two Lovers, Gray once again appears to exhibit a deftness behind the camera, not least in his remarkable evocation of early 20th century Manhattan and its mean streets. Take a look for yourself, and expect to hear more about this one in the coming months...

Via Indiewire

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