Guy Maddin To Make 12 Films in 13 days

WHAT?! 12 films in 13 days?!

We knew Guy Maddin was an interesting and ambitious filmmaker, but his latest project really is something else. The Canadian director of My Winnipeg and The Saddest Music in the World will be shooting 12 films in 13 days with the participation of the public at Montreal's Phi Centre

Here's some more info about the crazy event entitled Seances:

Seances is a film shoot, an experience and an installation, which will subsequently become a film and an interactive work. The basic premise of Seances is that most silent filmmakers lost at least one film to a twist of fate. Ever since, these films have hovered like ghosts in search of their final resting place. And now Guy Maddin has decided to recreate these lost films. Every day, he will call on the spirits to take hold of the actors, plunging them into a deep trance that will enable them to act out the lost film of the day.

The most amazing part: the public is invited to attend these Seances of cinematic spiritualism. Cameras will be set up to transmit—live and in closed circuit—the shoot taking place inside the Phi Centre.

Supported by the National Film Board of Canada, the event will run from July 4th - July 20th with the public free to attend the filming at the Phi Centre. All the event details can be found over at Phi Centre

Images via phi

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