Jean-Luc Godard Embraces 3D

It was only a matter of time before the progressive, cigar-toting director Jean-Luc Godard would embrace the divisive 3D format. Following in the footsteps of Wim Wenders (Pina), Martin Scorsese (Hugo) and Werner Herzog (Cave of Forgotten Dreams), the 82-year-old filmmaker will be exploring the format in 3X3D, a Portugal-set segment to a portmanteaux film made alongside directors Peter Greenway and Edgar Pêra.

From the trailer below you can clearly see Jean-Luc, whose segment is entitled "The Three Disasters", has aspirations to direct an Avatar-scale spectacle movie set in outer space. Possibly with Mila Kunis in the leading role?

But seriously, it doesn't look that different from his recent projects (Film Socialisme, Histoir(s) du Cinema); there's the layered imagery, use of text, and a general disregard for anything even close to a conventional narrative. So basically, if you hated Film Soicialisme, it looks like you're going to hate this too.

And if you think the whole 3D thing is a one-off, think again. Jean-Luc has also made the 3D film Adieu Au Language (Goodbye To Language), which he says is "about a man and his wife who no longer speak the same language. The dog they take on walks then intervenes and speaks". 

Ummmm, COME AGAIN?! You mean to say, the dog actually speaks??!! Oh, Jean-Luc. 

Stay tuned for release dates.

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