Jonathan Levine is Making a TV Series About Nas in the Early 90s

Nas may be best known for a petty squabble with Jay Z, but he’s trying to change that with a 30-minute TV series called Street Dreams (not to be confused with the P-Rod skate vehicle of the same name) about his life in the 90s. Jonathan Levine will write and direct, with the filmmaker’s semi-autobiographical The Wackness sharing a similar setting.

Street Dreams follows Nas’ upbringing in Queensbridge, releasing his seminal first album Illmatic in 1994. Nas will help with the writing and music (although we really hope he sticks to the early classics). The rapper has since released 11 albums that couldn’t reach the critical highs of his debut – perhaps reflected by calling another album Stillmatic, and touring 20 years by playing Illmatic in full.

Knowing that, it’s less surprising Nas wants to document that period even further (on top of an actual documentary about the period called Time is Illmatic). Street Dreams will add Nas to a list of rappers making autobiographical TV shows, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill collaborating on a series with Q-Tip on his early career.

Hopefully in 20 years time Nas will team up with Darren Aronofsky on something like The Wrestler about a rapper who can’t accept his fame is over.

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