Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke Let it Out

Gfw Staff

If you're anything like us, when there's a loud guy behind you at the cinema, mouthing off and texting through a movie, it's hard to just ignore it and carry on 'enjoying' the film – especially if that film happens to be Terrence Malick's soporific The Tree of Life. But generally speaking, nobody wants to have the fourth wall broken, do they? So how do we combat such undesirable situations? 

Well, thankfully, the stars of Richard Linklater's charming Before Midnight (in Canadian cinemas this week), Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, feel exactly the same way and they've taken it upon themselves to record this little edit to get their message heard. So elbow the guy next to you and tell him to shut the hell up and listen. Hopefully it will be the last we hear from that guy...

Catch Linklater's Before Midnight in Canadian cinemas from this Friday (June 7), and in the UK June 21.

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