Kyle Thomas: The Director's Canvas

Gfw Staff

Calgary-based director Kyle Thomas’s first feature film, The Valley Below, is a decidedly Raymond Carver-esque multi-narrative drama set in the badlands of Alberta. The film—which premiered as part of the Toronto International Film Festival Discovery program—is the logical conclusion for Thomas, who, after graduating from Concordia, moved back home to Alberta and set about establishing a collective of like-minded independent filmmakers who frequently take turns producing, directing, and acting in each other’s films.

In this episode of the Director’s Canvas, we follow Kyle as he preps for his first major film festival: first to a meeting with his publicist where he receives his breakneck festival schedule, then to a chat with his producing partner, Sandy, where they discuss the challenges and advantages of working on micro-budget films in Alberta, and finally to a rooftop bar, where the young director contemplates his plans for the future.

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