Listen to John Carpenter’s Latest Creepy Track

Next month, horror maestro John Carpenter is releasing a new solo album. It’s called Lost Themes, suggesting movie themes that were never used – and, make no mistake, the songs could all quite easily work as a score to an as-yet-unmade slasher movie. Have a listen to a couple of the dark, synth-heavy tracks below.

Carpenter started doing his own scoring right from his first big feature, Dark Star, since he was disappointed by the composers the producers had hired. Armed with just some childhood piano lessons and a synthesiser, he ended up doing a pretty good job. Now, 30 years later, he’s releasing an actual album – not a soundtrack – called Lost Themes.

He said it was “all about having fun” – not having to worry about images, actors or editors. Listen to ‘Vortex’ above. Get caught up in its bombastic piano stabs and melodramatic synths, and you’ll feel what Carpenter means when he says, “Fun”.

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