Pixies Guitarist Joey Santiago to Star in 'The Bridge'

We recently told you about an upcoming Guns N’ Roses feature film about which the only thing we know is that “it won’t be a cheesy movie like Rock Star”. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so it’s now time to tell you about an upcoming rock ‘n’ roll feature film that almost certainly will be a cheesy movie like Rock Star.

Head over to the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo to finance The Bridge, a film about “the rise of small town music prodigy, Luke Weaver, who faces the decision to choose life or continue down his steadfast path to self-destruction”.

What makes The Bridge distinct from other questionable half-ideas bobbing around crowdfunding sites is that the writer/director Bobby Field (a man who’s “loved rock ‘n’ roll all his life”) has already managed to nab a supporting cast of rock legends including Def Leppard frontman (and Jennifer Aniston lookalike, see below) Joe Elliott, and Joey Santiago from Pixies!

Also, if you donate enough money the guy from Pixies will come to your house and cook you his signature pasta dish, (we are not making this up). Maybe whilst cooking he’ll strum along to some of his band’s great pasta-related hits like “Here comes your pan" and “This Gnocchi’s Gone to Heaven”. Sorry about that. But just look at those graphics, they didn't set the tone very high, did they?

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