Richard Linklater Plans “Spiritual Sequel” To Dazed & Confused

Richard, what are you up to?

Normally, when hearing news of sequels, we express our incredulity by slapping our foreheads nice and hard..."WHAT?! A sequel to E.T.?!!! Noooooooo." But the news, via Slash Film, that Richard Linklater is working on a "spiritual sequel" to 1993's stoner-slacker classic Dazed and Confused has got us throwing jazz hands all over the place. We're excited not only because he's proved himself a director capable of sequels (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight) but because he plans to shoot the film this fall... this fall! ...Well hello, Mitch Kramer

Linklater dropped word of this spiritual sequel – which was previously known as That’s What I’m Talking About – during an AMA session on Reddit, saying: "Hoping to make it this fall, actually. A college comedy. I feel like mixing it up with a big ensemble."

Now, where would one start with a sequel to Dazed? Grab your phonebook, find a comfy chair, and dial the numbers of Matthew McConaughey, Parker Posey, Ben Affleck, Jason London et al., right? ...Right. But seriously, we have no idea what this will be like and whether the story will actually pick up any of the original characters – if any, we'd go with McConaughey's David Wooderson, just for these smooth lines...

In other Linklater-related news, the director has hinted that his 12-year-long effort, Growing Up, a coming-of-ager, might be released in 2014. In the meantime, be sure to check out the charming Before Midnight

Via Slash Film

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