Salma Hayek Trained as an Olympic Gymnast

Danny Boyle might want to reconsider his short Bond film for the London Olympics. What he should’ve done is made a film with gymnast – that’s right, gymnast – Salma Hayek. Doesn’t the combination of gymnastics and acting talent make more sense than Daniel Craig in black tie holding a gun?

The Frida actress was so good at gymnastics that she was even drafted in Mexico’s national team. But, lucky for us, Salma found her true vocation in the end. Although in either case, she would’ve found her way on to our screens.

As unique as this sounds for a Hollywood actress, she’s not the only one. Another would-be Olympian is Geena Davis, star of Thelma & Louise, who actually tried out for the United States Archery Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Wow, Danny really needs to give these gals a call.

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