Spike Lee is Updating 'She’s Gotta Have It' for TV

Spike Lee is “updating” his 1985 breakthrough feature She’s Gotta Have It for a TV series on Showtime. 

The half-hour comedy series, which the 57-year-old filmmaker is set to write and direct, will take “a new, contemporary look at the characters and will explore Lee's unique and provocative points of view about race, gender, sexuality, relationships, and the gentrification in Brooklyn,” according to Deadline.

The original black-and-white Brooklyn-shot movie, which Lee filmed over 12 days in the summer of ‘85 for $175,000 (and went on to gross over $7 million), featured one of the funniest characters of all time, Mars Blackmon (played by Lee himself). Mars was part of a love quadrangle featuring Tracy Camilla Johns as the indecisive Nola, a woman dating three very different men.

After so many disappointments in recent years (Oldboy, the Bad 25 Michael Jackson doc), this may be Lee heeding the advice of the suits and returning to his successful roots. But as we know from past remakes, updates and re-imaginings, more often than not, IT DOESN’T WORK SO DON’T BOTHER.

News of the She’s Gotta Have It TV series comes as an "updated" version of the Coen brothers’ Fargo debuts on the small screen with different actors, directors, stories and, well, just different everything. No news on when the former will air yet (although I very much doubt you care, right?).

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