SXSW Trailer: Good Night

SXSW is just around the corner and, as you'd expect, there’s been a sudden flurry of appetising trailers. One of which is for the low-budget indie drama Good Night from director Sean H. A. Gallagher. As its title suggests, the film is set over one night and stars Alex Karpovsky (who you’ll recognise as Ray from TV’s Girls).

The story doesn’t exactly guarantee a barrel of LOLs, so we're guessing the 'good' in the title is meant to be ironic? Hmm...

Leigh's 29th birthday party takes a sudden turn when she announces that the evening may be the last time her friends see her alive. A night of questions, coping and debauchery immediately follow. Austin filmmaker Sean H.A. Gallagher has assembled a talented pool of young actors to relay the dark humor and drama of a film that uniquely redefines the phrase party like there's no tomorrow.

Get a load of the trailer and tell us what you think...

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