The Shorts Showcase Winner Is ‘As Long As You Watch My Heart’

The results are in, guys. We have a winner.

The difference in quality between the 10 shortlisted films from our Shorts Showcase is comparable to the width of a hair. Needless to say picking a top three, let alone a stand alone winner, was no easy task for our esteemed judging panel. But hey, we managed to agree on some things and a winner eventually surfaced.

1. As Long as You Watch My Heart (dir. Jacob Lundgaard Andersen, UK)

Judge Noah Cowan describes the winner's film as "A charming and innovative stop-motion animation work featuring unexpectedly beautiful landscapes and lovely music", while fellow panel member Jane Schoettle calls it "visually striking and inventive" and as a "good marriage of imagery and music".

2. Binding (dir. Katarzyna Plazinska, Aaron Ellis., Poland)

This black-and-white curiosity from Poland is "a sumptuous narrative suffused with the technique and beauty of cinema’s silent era,
" says Noah Cowan. 


3. Salary Men (H. Paul Moon, USA)

SalaryMen is a celebration of urban creativity. It sees an electro-acoustic duo (Jeff Surak and Gary Rouzer) in downtown Washington, D.C., as they set up at traffic circles and monuments for spontaneous performances of sound art, mixing small objects with the noises of the city to make a different kind of urban music. Inspirational stuff.


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