This Guy Owns a $300,000 Movie Collection

Theo Kalomirakis says he's a typical nerdy collector.

Discovered by Forbes, Theo Kalomirakis is the proud owner of one of the largest movie collections in the world. He has roughly 15,000 titles and says the only rival collection that he knows of belongs to a certain Martin Scorsese.

Meet Theo Kalomirakis, “the typical nerdy collector”. Each year, he’ll spend between $15 - $20,000 on Blu-rays, DVDs and all kinds of special releases. Today he has so many films that he’s had to file them according to country and format; he has his Greek collection, his Indian collection, his 3D collection – it's never-ending.

We love movies but this is madness, surely? If you had a casual $300,000 in your pocket would you blow it all on movies? 

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