Trailer: Joel Potrykus’ Loser Comedy ‘Buzzard’

Michigan-based director Joel Potrykus’ highly original second film careens from loser comedy to existential horror, like nothing else around. We caught it in Venice and loved it.

And now, you can get a taster of what you’re in store for.

From our review: Buzzard boasts an energy that is unusually compelling for a film of its breed. Given how easily its individual ingredients lend themselves to mocking parody, one of the chief strengths here is the film’s refusal to look down on its characters—whether our vulnerable protagonist, his knowingly nerdy friend (who stands at the work urinals with his pants round his ankles) or the annoyingly eager small-time banker who pushes Marty to the extreme, back-against-wall margins of desperation.

'Buzzard' is released on 6 March in the US. Other dates TBC.

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