Trailer: Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine

We all know Woody Allen can churn 'em out. But what most people don't know, is that Allen, on occasion, is partial to making the odd 'serious' film. Just think of his Bergman-inspired gems Interiors (1978) or Another Woman (1988). Well now – from this trailer at least – it seems we can add Blue Jasmine to the list, Allen's first film set in his native U.S. since 2009's Whatever Works. 

Cate Blanchett plays the titular Jasmine, whose comfortable life is uprooted after her husband (Alec Baldwin) is exposed as a crook. Jasmine subsequently moves to San Francisco to be with her sister (Sally Hawkins), where she has to deal with a considerably less lavish lifestyle. 

While the smooth jazz in the trailer seems in keeping with the film's classy, solemn leanings, we're not so sure the same can be said of the film's poster. THOSE EYES!

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