Uh-Oh. Someone's Remaking 'A Prophet'

Hey guys, remember how great Jacques Audiard's critically acclaimed crime-drama A Prophet was? Remember thinking what a raw, groundbreaking masterpiece it was? Remember thinking how much better it would be if it was made in America without subtitles? Oh wait, no one thought that. 

Yes, today is the most depressing day of the year so far. The modern classic that was described as "as epic as The Godfather" is set to be reworked by crime novelist Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone), who will be writing the American remake of the film that, perhaps more than any other French movie, didn't really need a remake. No, wait, let us rephrase that: THIS IS THE MOST POINTLESS REMAKE OF THE LAST TWO DECADES. 

The original 2009 Paris-set film featured one helluva blistering, breakthrough performance from Tahar Rahim. And it's hard to imagine – nigh impossible to imagine – anyone attempting to fill those boots across the pond. Don't even get us started on the boots of the director. This is clearly one for the history books. 

Hey, Posterity, apologies in advance on the behalf of the ignoramuses behind this idiotic project.

Via The Guardian

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