Wacky Sundance Film ‘Wrong’ Gets Trailer

Quentin Dupieux definitely knows how to make an impression, if the trailer for his new movie Wrong is anything to go by. From WIlliam Fitchner's insane accent and braided ponytail to the scenes of attempted dog telepathy, Dupieux has already got us hooked. The trailer doesn't really reveal a huge amount: the only thing we can really figure out is that this guy's lost his dog and he's pretty beaten up by it, but rest assured there's oddness aplenty in store for the dog-less Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) as he crosses paths with a nymphomaniac pizza girl and a pet detective with seemingly Ace Ventura-levels of crazy.

Considering Dupieux's previous (and premiere) cinematic outing was 2010's Rubber, the cult hit comedy about a killer tire with psychic powers, Wrong will be, if anything, a totally bizarre and fascinating ride. 

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