Watch a Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Clip From Xavier Dolan’s 'Mommy'

Earlier today, we posted a glowing five-star Cannes review of Xavier Dolan’s achingly beautiful masterpiece, Mommy (read it here). And now we have actual visual evidence that proves the film is categorically awesome. 

In this jaw-droppingly stunning clip from Dolan's Montreal-set drama, the ADHD-addled protagonist skates down a street at magic hour. Rapping along to his Walkman, and then frenetically spinning a trolley around a car park while Dolan’s kinetic camera spins the other way, the dizzying scene is powerfully dramatic and teems with a youthful energy. Adding greatly to the scene’s beauty is Counting Crows’ plaintive piano classic “Colorblind”, which was memorably used – as most 90s kids will remember – in Cruel Intentions’ most dramatic scene.

As our reviewer noted, the film features a 90s soundtrack (songs like "Blue" by Eiffel 65, "White Flag" by Dido and "Wonderwall" by Oasis) and intriguing use of different aspect ratios, as seen below. So there are plenty of reasons to get hyped to see this when it hits other festivals later this year.


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