Watch: Jason Schwartzman & Roman Coppola Short

Roman Coppola is easily the most playful, ingenious filmmaker in the Coppola family (no disrespect, Sofia and Francis), as evidenced by his recent commercial project with pal Wes Anderson. And now it seems he's taking his flamboyant personality in front of the camera with this short entitled...wait for it...A Quick-Witted Love Letter From Indie Hollywood's Favorite Cousins. 

Directed by Graydon Sheppard of Sh*t Girls Say fame, the short is a verbal ping pong match between Schwartzman and Coppola, in which they ponder romance and obsession. It's funny and imaginative in equal measure, with a drop of Michel Gondry's visual inventiveness – or are we on our own?

Nowness describe the project as thus:

Shooting six-second vignettes on the iPhones inspired by Twitter’s new mobile app Vine, Sheppard pays homage to Coppola’s latest feature A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, whose comic flavor hinges on absurdist amorous pursuits.

Roman Coppola x Jason Schwartzman on

Via Nowness

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