Watch Roman Coppola's Unreleased Beastie Boys Video

a href="" target="_blank">A student from Ireland’s wasted hours on the Internet paid off today when he discovered an unreleased Beastie Boys video featuring Nas and directed by Roman Coppola on the website of film editor Neal Usatin.

"Too Many Rappers” (from their final album, 2011’s Hot Sauce Committee Part Two) shows the Beastie Boys (with the late Adam Yauch, of course) and Nas peacocking across supermarket aisles, public monuments and a recording studio. It’s distinctly retrograde, as are the references: “My lyrics spin round like a hurricane twister / So get your hologram off Wolf Blitzer”. Remember when this happened?

It’s proof that Nas and the Beastie Boys went together “like peanut butter and sandwiches / Like pen and paper, like Picasso and canvases” and that Roman Coppola’s strengths lie, not in co-penning mildly disappointing films, but in evoking the spirit of a pop song. 

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