Watch Street Photographer Vivian Maier's 8mm Films

Just yesterday at TIFF we caught the amazing documentary Finding Vivian Maier, which tells the extraordinary story of a nanny-turned-street photographer whose work was only discovered in 2007 by a geek searching for historic snaps of Chicago, in a small auction house. 

Intriguingly, here is the first glimpse of the photographer's highly observational short films, via Nowness, which highlights Vivian's unmistakable eye, reflecting the way she saw people in the street. 

With the film coming out early next year and the snowball of acclaim still building (veteran Joel Meyerowitz says she was “a genuine shooter,” while Mary Ellen Mark says “she had a great eye…she had a sense of humour, and a sense of tragedy”), you can guarantee that the history of street photography is in the process of being rewritten before our eyes. 

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