Watch: Teaser for Web Documentary on the Kids from Larry Clark's The Smell of Us

We recently reported that Larry Clark's upcoming film The Smell of Us will star ex-Libertine Pete Doherty, which, we're not going to lie, kinda bummed us out. Because we all know how bad an actor Doherty is, don't we? 

The first teaser for UN ÉTÉ AVEC LES KIDS DE LARRY CLARK, which is a web documentary directed by Thomas Kimmerlin following the kids from Clark's Paris-set film about self-destructive skaters, has landed, and it features... skateboarders being self-destructive. So yeah, as you can see, The Smell of Us will basically be Kids 2 – or should that be Les Enfants Deux? But we're not complaining; it actually looks pretty good. Let's just hope Doherty's appearance will be more of a cameo sort of thing. 

For more info on The Smell of Us and to follow its progress, head over here.

a href="" target="_blank">UN ETE AVEC LES KIDS DE LARRY CLARK - teaser by ARTECreative



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