Watch: Trailer for New Doc on Director George Sluizer

In Berlin recently, we caught the last ever River Phoenix film, the hitherto unreleased Dark Blood

The man behind the film is 80-year-old Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer, director of Spoorloos and The Vanishing, and now the subject of a new documentary entitled Sluizer Speaks. 

Being the veteran filmmaker that he is, it's about time Sluizer was recognised as such, if not only for it to be known that his film Spoorloos was hailed as the most terrifying film ever, by none other than... Stanley Kubrick. In fact, Kubrick told Sluizer that he had seen the film ten times and that The Shining was "child's play" in comparison. So we think you'll agree, this is a filmmaker that deserves to be shouted about.

Watch the trailer for the documentary above, which is in its final stages of completion (more info here). And, if you haven't already, watch the trailer for Sluizer's Dark Blood, which has screened at numerous film festivals and should, we hope, be released later this year.  

Via Twitch 

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