Who Will Fill Swayze's Shoes In the Point Break Remake?

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With news last week that the Point Break remake has now officially got a director (Invincible's Ericson Core), we've been forced to confront the brutal truth that this remake is happening, whether we like it or not. Look, we can stay in bed all day and cry into videos of cats or we can try and collectively keep positive about this. You never know, it might be good? Weirder things have happened, for sure, like cows born with two heads.

Considering how much of the original's winning formula came down to the perfectly pitched casting of Reeves vs. Swayze, there is a small chance that this movie could turn out to be decent if just the right actors were cast. To be honest, Keanu Reeves looks pretty much the same as he did in 1991, so he could probably just reprise his role as Agent Johnny Utah. Easy, done. However, who could possibly walk in the footsteps of the late great Patrick Swayze and take on the role of the charismatic surfer/criminal gang leader Bodhi? Maybe...these guys?

1. Aaron Eckhart 

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We have to say, Aaron Eckhart was the first man that sprang to mind when we heard about the remake. The blonde mop, the chiseled jawline. He's played his fair shair of action heroes (and even the president in the upcoming Olympus Has Fallen), but it's in his darker roles that Eckhart really thrives. If Eckhart could bring the charm as the tobacco lobbyist anti-hero of Jason Reitman's Thank You For Smoking, he could certainly charm a Johnny Utah into shooting his gun in the air and screaming AHHHHHH (to quote Hot Fuzz). And before you think the man might be too clean-cut for the job (admittedly he does seem to be wearing a suit like, 90 per cent of the time), remember he found fame as the long-haired, bearded biker who fell in love with Erin Brockovich.

2. Joel Edgerton

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Yup. It's a surfer movie so we're playing the Australian card. Sorry. But you have to admit, thinking about it, Edgerton wouldn't be a bad choice for Bodhi. He's been on the scene for a while (apparently he was in Attack of the Clones? Does anyone have any memory of this? Or have we all bludgeoned the memory of that movie out of our brains?), but it's only been with his recent roles in Animal Kingdom, Warrior, and Zero Dark Thirty that he's really started rising the ranks in Hollywood. And with his upcoming role as Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, the sky's the limit for this talented actor. Plus, having starred in Zero Dark Thirty, we at least know he's Bigelow-approved – I know she's not directing the remake, but it'd be nice if she wasn't horrified by every single decision the studio is bound to make. 

3. Matthew McConaughy

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Oh, come on. Surely this crossed your mind. It's so obvious that it's too obvious and just seems ridiculous. But bear us out, as this could actually be a pretty interesting move for Hollywood's Most Shirtless Man. Now, McConaughey has undergone a total career transformation in the past couple of years thanks to his string of dark, intense roles in movies such as Killer Joe, The Paperboy, and Mud. While previously laughed off as a piece of rom-com fodder, he's managed to prove to us all that he's actually a pretty talented guy. So it'd actually be pretty fascinating to see him go back to blockbuster action and take on the role of an all-American surfing charmer like Bodhi, albeit with a dark little twist that comes from him playing a villain. Would McConaughey fall back into his old ways or would he bring something a little more fresh to the role with his newfound experience? 

4. Chris Hemsworth

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It's not that I want this to happen. The guy was great as Thor, but if he were to atttempt to fill the monumental shoes of Swayze he'd look like a child playing dress-up with his dad's clothes. No, it's not that I want this to happen, I just know it will happen. This guy just screams "surfer dude" out of his blonde, tanned, chiseled face. And if Chris is busy, I'm sure his brother Liam will be available. 

5. James Franco

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OK, OK, so we're starting to accept that this movie is destined to be bad. While the optimist might have known Ericson Core for his well-received directorial debut Invincible, the pessimist knows him as the cinematographer of Daredevil and The Fast and the Furious. We might be resigned in our fate, so that's why we'd root for James Franco to help us through that journey. Because he will either a) go balls-out on the surfer personality and deliver a performance as insanely brilliant as his turn in Spring Breakers, or, b) be lazy and yet deliver the kind of hilariously self-aware performance that makes us feel like we're all in on the joke of how bad this movie is. We like the idea that he'd be on our team.

So what do you think? Could any of these actors fill Swayze's shoes? It sure is a toughy, but let us know in the comments.

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