Zach Braff's Follow-up To Garden State Gets A Campaign on Kickstarter

If you were a fan of Zach Braff's directorial debut, the wimpy indie flick Garden State (2004), now might be the time to get your wallet out. His long-awaited return to the director's chair has just launched a campaign on Kickstarter

I Wish I Was Here – which needs to raise a whopping $2 million to fulfil the director's vision – will be "in the tone of Garden State," Braff promises. Indeed the Scrubs star goes out of his way to mention his popular first film starring Natalie Portman, namedropping the film five times in this one little edit, reminding us how special the film was to us. Oh, and the poster is framed right behind him, just in case you forget. 

So basically, if you want to see 'Garden State 2', now's the time to give Zach your dough. And to entice you further, get a load of the strange edit below – it's an odd mix of comedy and cheesy ad-style antics. 

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