Art Basel

Sarah McCrory

We spoke to Sarah McCrory  – director of the Glasgow International, a biennial festival of arts –  who gave us her pick of what's now one of Europe's two largest and most important art fairs, Art Basel. Here are her picks. (Small print disclaimer: images do not actually correspond to the pieces on show. They're just representative of the artist's work. Sozzles ArtBasel!)

The Kaufmann Repetto  stand was brilliant.  There were Judith Hopf and Nairy Baghramian sitting on a Lily van der Stokker wall painting

Paul Chan at the Schaulager. It's a comprehensive overview, including my favourite pieces - a series of abstract fonts

Tanya Leighton's stand was brilliant too.  (This comes with a personal interest disclaimer!)  Berlin gallerist, Leighton, hung works from Aleksandra Domanovic's Glasgow International exhibition in her booth.

Supportico Lopez  - typed works by Henri Chopin were set against an installation by Michael Dean

Daniel Buchholz - with a number of pared down works by Henrik Olesen

Sterling Ruvby in Unlimited, a vast installation of his ‘Soft Works’ filled the space - stacked and bagged where necessary to fit them all in.

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