Art Clip Of The Week: Dinner With Studio Ghibli

Fin Murphy

You know when you add an innocuous extra beer to your boss' round at your casual work drinks, and you see his downturned head as he glares at the receipt and then you, the spirit of in-this-togetherness breaks and performance review paranoia descends? Tell that to Studio Ghibli, it looks like they've got a great system going on.

During the making of the modern classic Spirited Away, the team at Tokyo's Studio Ghibli worked themselves to the bone with long hours and exhausting tasks. Instead of backbiting or going postal, the team looked to rally together during their communal meals, where staff members would put down their pens and pick up their strainers. We even see Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of the studio, turn to the cooker to make a dish called Poor Man's Salt Flavoured Ramen and get ten instant noodle squares into one pot. You really have to see it to believe it- so do.


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