Art Clip Of The Week: Is It Utopian To Think You Could Survive As An Artist?

Fin Murphy

With pieces currently on display at exhibitions from Brazil to South Korea, British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE resonates with a global audience that grapples with the questions he poses: is there such a thing as cultural authenticity? How do we tackle the legacy of colonialism – do we even live in a postcolonial age? What defines identity in a globalised world?

In this clip with the artist in his London studio, Shonibare considers queries closer to home than other debates he posits. He considers there to be a 'utopian' quality to pursuing art, describing making a career of it as 'not a realistic option'. The multi-award winner goes on to dismiss the boundary between his personal and professional life, likening art to 'realising his dreams'.

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