Art Links: Fox News Censors Cubist Body Parts

Leighann Morris
Image Via @Arunadsouza

Picasso’s ‘Women of Algiers’ sold for a record $179.3m. Bizarrely, Fox News blurred out the cubist boobs when reporting the sale. [Facebook]

In the wake of the Picasso sale: Jerry Saltz thinks art auctions are a “nasty piece of work”. [Vulture]

A Henri Matisse painting once looted by Nazis has been returned to the descendants of the Jewish collector who originally owned it. It was discovered in the collection of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Hitler’s favourite art dealer. [Deutsche Welle]

Convicted German world-class forger Wolfgang Beltracch is out of prison, making millions, and now has his first solo exhibition.  [BBC]

Christopher Knight isn’t happy with the Whitney Museum of American Art, who have refused to remove a wall text that refers to a review the critic wrote 22 years ago. Knight claims that his words have been manipulated. [LA Times]

"My father knew that we [his kids] would experience racism, and he wanted to inoculate us from feeling less important than anyone else. His way of doing that was to teach us African history, which later in life led me to collecting African art." Eric Edwards keeps a 1,600-piece collection of African art in Brooklyn apartment. It’s amazing. [Gothamist]

A rich art collector left his favourite steakhouse waitresses a $50,000 tip in his will. [NY Post]

A third member of the Gulf Labor Artist Coalition - an international group of artists working to ensure that migrant workers’ rights are protected during the construction of museums and other institutions on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi - has been refused entry to UAE. [Hyperallergic]

“This so-called ‘art project’ is based upon a lie and perpetuates a falsehood about police officers and their use of force.” Unsurprisingly, the NYPD is not so into ‘Hands Up’ at the Flux Factory in Queens, which simulates the experience of getting shot to death by the police. [New York Daily News]

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