Casey Jane Ellison: Touching the Art

Leighann Morris

Touching the Art, a parodic webseries about the art world and all its drivel, dropped its first episode this week. Artist and comedian Casey Jane Ellison, wearing the black lipstick that every basic art girl does, asks monotonal, totally uninformed and self righteous questions about feminism, celebrity, and the meaning of art to panelists Jori Finkel (NY Times and The Art Newspaper reporter), Bettina Korek (founder, ForYourArt and Touching the Art executive producer) and Catherine Opie (photographer and professor at UCLA). It's funny.

Favourite lines:

“This is Touching the art, where we discuss the art world’s least favourite subject: art.”

“We have an all female panel joining us today. Is that an issue? Because we only have women on this show, and we don’t really feel the need to discuss or defend that.”

“Art is based in fear.”


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