Five Films We’re Looking Forward To In 2016

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The new year is here, and if this year’s films are anything to go by, 2016 is going to be a good one. We’re less than a week into the year and there are already plenty of things to get excited about in the world of film, including the imminent return of the Coen Brothers, plenty of tense and atmospheric thrillers on their way and some new work from the director of one of last year’s most impressive films. Here are the five films coming in 2016 that we’re really looking forward to. 

Hail, Caesar

An obvious choice, this one – cinema’s reigning pair of court jesters, the Coen Brothers, return with a film that looks like it could rival their best work in terms of complete comic insanity. Featuring an incredible cast including George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Jonah Hill and Scarlett Johansson, the film follows a 1950s Hollywood “fixer” as he attempts to unravel the mess around the missing star of a Roman epic titled, you guessed it, Hail Caesar.


High-Rise sees two of Britain’s most exciting talents – director Ben Wheatley and actor Tom Hiddleston - team up to take on an incredible and compelling examination of how violence, anger and fear can become incubated and increased within the glossy confines of a modern tower block. Adapted from J.G Ballard’s nightmarish 1975 novel of the same name, it’s a story that has been attempted on film a number of times before to varying degrees of success; however, this one looks like it might be the best yet.


Bryan Cranston has become something of a pop-culture hero in the last few years, and Trumbo might cement his status as one of the best actors around at the moment. Cranston takes the role of real-life Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, whose outspoken support for organised labour and communist affiliations led to him being blacklisted from the film industry and uncredited for large portions of his work, including Academy Award-winning films. 

The Story Of Your Life

Denis Villeneuve was the director behind Sicario, one of 2015’s most exciting, tense and dramatic films, so obviously we’re excited about his newest project. Essentially an alien movie about language differences, the film stars Amy Adams as a linguist expert who is tasked to communicate with visiting aliens and find out what exactly they want – a strange concept, but you get the feeling that Villeneuve is the best person to make it interesting. Although it hasn’t been given an official release date, everything is pointing to the film hitting screens in 2016.


Not actually a film, but Vinyl sounds too good for us to not include in this list. After their success working together on The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese teams up again with Terence Winter - writer of The Sopranos & Boardwalk Empire – for a TV series following a New York music executive hustling to find the next big thing in the 1970s. The series has also received input from Mick Jagger, meaning the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll drama will get an authentic and hedonistic spin.  

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