FreshFaced+WildEyed is the annual exhibition held at the Photographers’ Gallery that showcases the hottest graduate talent from photographic courses across the UK. This year 22 photographers were shortlisted, and we’ve selected our top five: 

Katarina Mudronova – Strategic Cooking 

Strategic Cooking is a series of still-lifes showing food being sliced, minced, blended or heated by different kitchen utensils. The central premise being that these images are visual metaphors for what happens to people when they are forced to live in our globalised, interconnected world. Not totally sure about that, but they look good.

Lewis Khan - Georgetown 

Georgetown is about the daily rituals and thoughts of one South London resident called, appropriately enough, George. When playing football on the street as a teenager, Lewis would regularly bump into George, say hello. In this series of gritty documentary photos that explore their six-year friendship, we learn George just wants to "Listen to the birds, do a bit of cooking, do a bit of hovering up, and then play music."

Chloe Rosser - Form 

Chloe loves the human figure. She photographs the body in contorted poses, makes it look strange, inhuman and surreal. By hiding a head, a neck, a leg, familiar flesh is transformed into the peculiar and uncanny. 

James Duncan Clark – Direction of Travel

James Duncan Clark’s work deals with the social fallout of economic and political events. In Direction of Travel, he documented east London’s Olympic park while it was being built. His collected ephemera and photos challenge the accepted ‘happy-go-lucky’ Olympic story, bringing us face-to-face with its impact on the area’s residents and local landscape.

Nikolas Ventourakis – Leaving Utopia

Nikolas Ventourakis is interested in challenging people’s preconceptions. Leaving Utopia is a series of images taken in Athens after the economic crash. The slow deterioration of the city is subtly shown, from decaying plaster, to crumbling potholes and peeling signs. But it’s not just about Greece. “It has a wider narrative”, he said. “It’s a general question about what the f**k is going on.”

FreshFaced+WildEyed will be at the Photographers’ Gallery, 1 – 13 July 2014. Info:

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