Grolsch Elements: An Unconventional Twist

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400 years ago, our Brew Master Peter Kuijper came up with an unconventional idea. He decided that he could improve the taste and aroma of his beer by using two different types of hops in the brewing process – one type of hop added at the start for the taste, and another added at the very end for the aroma. This unconventional late hopping approach resulted in a balanced beer with a vibrant taste and a crisp finish, and it’s a recipe we still use when creating Grolsch to this day.

We’re proud of our unconventional approach to the brewing process.

Here at Grolsch, we believe that people who care about their beer also care about the ingredients they use. We understand the importance of letting people know which hops we use in our beer; after all, the choice of hops makes all the difference to taste and aroma. That’s why we’re proud of our late hopping brewing process, and why we embrace the two types of hops as critical ingredients to the Grolsch recipe. So, what are the hops that we use?


We’re incredibly passionate about the taste of our beer, and that taste wouldn’t be possible without Magnum hops. This traditional hop comes from the renowned Hallertau region – one of the world’s best areas for hop growing – and are responsible for providing the hop-forward Grolsch taste.


The Emerald hops are the finishing ingredient in Grolsch Premium Lager, responsible for giving the beer its unique taste. This rare and distinctive hop is added in the final moments of the brew, giving Grolsch a natural-green fresh aroma. Like the gemstone it’s named after, its brilliance is echoed in our iconic green bottle.

Not only are we passionate about the types of hops we use, we also care about the way they are grown. Farmers from the Hallertau region cultivate our hops and the delicate flower cones are harvested and prepared at peak perfection to lock in maximum flavour and aroma. This increases the quality of the right sort of bitterness, making Grolsch taste vibrant with a crisp and enjoyable finish. It’s just another way that we’re dedicated to crafting a truly unique beer.

Unconventional by Tradition

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