Grolsch Elements: Four Centuries of Brewing Artistry

Grolsch Canvas

Born over 400 years ago, Grolsch is one of the world’s oldest beer brands – a rich history that has allowed us to craft a unique beer with a taste like no other. From our very beginning and throughout our history we’ve attracted and recognised only the finest brewers; people who understand the craft and heritage of the brewing process, but who aren’t afraid to embrace Grolsch’s unconventional way of working to ensure innovation and quality. People like Peter Kuijper, who developed our unique and ground-breaking recipe using two different types of hops for taste and aroma.

Everything we’ve done for the past four centuries has been about one thing only: taste. The selection of the correct two hops, deciding when to add them, choosing which malt to use and how much of it to include, and even the water we use. All of these elements are crucial to creating Grolsch Premium Lager, and a constant search for perfection is deeply ingrained in our culture. In fact, our Brew Masters still personally approve every production run before bottling.

Everything we’ve done for the past 400 years has been about one thing only: taste.

We evolve, we innovate and we try unconventional methods, but our commitment to quality, flavour and taste remains the same. We believe that creating the perfect beer is an art, and we have 400 years of Dutch artistry behind us. The result? A refreshing beer crafted to fully engage the senses with a vibrant taste and crisp finish. It’s something that shows in every step we make and every satisfying sip you take of Grolsch, no matter where you are in the world.

Unconventional by Tradition

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