Grolsch Elements: Taste and Aroma

Grolsch Canvas

We believe that crafting the perfect beer takes patience, skill and innovation. This unconventional spirit is in our DNA, and it’s this forward-thinking attitude paired with an unconventional brewing process that makes our lager so special.

When brewing Grolsch, we use a method called ‘late hopping’. It’s a method we’ve used for 400 years, ever since our Master Brewer Peter Kuijper took the unheard-of approach of using not one, but two different types of hops in his recipe, adding one hop for taste at the beginning of the brewing process and another type at the end. 

The idea was groundbreaking at the time, and it worked so well that we still use the process today. At the start of the brewing process we add Magnum hops, which provide Grolsch with a hop-forward taste.

Crafted to fully engage the senses with a vibrant taste and crisp finish.

Then, in the final moments of the brew, we add the rare and distinctive Emerald hops. These are added to finish the lager with a natural-green fresh aroma, delivering a crisp finish.

So there you have it, our not-so-secret recipe. An unconventional blend of two hops added at two different times during the brewing process, resulting in a beer that is crafted to fully engage the senses with a vibrant taste and a crisp finish.

Unconventional by Tradition

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