I am Mark E. Smith

As if to pre-empt (and diffuse) the inevitable Fat White Family backlash, they yesterday released a song called ‘I Am Mark E Smith’ on their Soundcloud, accompanied by an image of someone getting waterboarded.

“I am Mark E Smith / I’ve got the paperwork to prove it / Leave the kettle on...” Sonically, it’s a familiar landscape: the American mid-west reimagined by an English school kid with a restless imagination.

It’s 1970s identity politics misremembered, warped and spat into those amulet bottles of Highland Spring that fill the secretary’s desk at your local Foxtons, just waiting to be yanked out and weaponised. Whatever you think of the Fat Whites, at least they give you something to think about.

They may not be the real thing but then please!, tell me: who is?

I am Mark E Smith - Fat White Family

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