Is It OK To Strap A Tortoise To An iPad For Art?

Leighann Morris
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It’s probably not, is it? And it's that line of thinking that has caused a number of people to get quite hacked off with artist Guo-Qiang's installation Moving Ghost Town at Aspen Art Museum. The installation features three African Sulcata tortoises roaming around “displaying footage of ghost towns” on iPads that are attached to their backs. Read more about what this might mean here, because I have no idea.

One person who isn’t a fan of the exhibition is a prominent New York businessman and Turtle Conservancy board member (lol) who is calling for a boycott of the Aspen Art Museum until the controversial exhibit is removed.

The museum has stood behind the exhibit, saying that the tortoises were rescued from a breeder and are being constantly watched over by a veterinarian.

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