On The Gold Coast with Ying Ang

Yohann Koshy
© Ying Ang

Ying Ang grew up in Gold Coast, a coastal city in eastern Australia. It's a major tourist destination, replete with surfing, theme parks, and nightclubs. But Gold Coast is also Australia’s crime capital, a haven for villains, and where Ang witnessed a murder as a young child. 

Pizzey Park © Ying Ang

Her self-released The Gold Coast is a filmic photography book that unpacks the city’s contradictions with a blend of portraiture and documentary perspectives. 

Broadbeach State School © Ying Ang

Ang doesn’t take us directly, à la Blue Velvet, under the manicured lawn to see the swarming, revolting bugs that hide underneath. Rather she lets the violence remain implicit, with reflections that disembody her subjects, and architecture that fosters their transgressions.   

November 14, 2:15pm © Ying Ang
Untitled © Ying Ang
Australia Fair © Ying Ang

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